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  • Reports available instantly.
  • Import approved applicant directly to your TrueRent portal.
  • No onsite inspections, start screening within seconds.
  • Automatic notification to your applicant of your Approval or Denial decision.
  • TrueRent Screening is included with your TrueRent account.
  • Applicants can upload and share important documents, images and other attachments.

Tenant Screening Bundle: $25 paid by applicant

Why Screen Your Tenants?

Choosing the right tenant is one the most important decisions you can make for your property. A bad tenant can lead to costly repairs, late payments, uncomfortable conflict or even a costly eviction.

To avoid these potential problems, TrueRent’s integrated Tenant Screening software will help ensure you’re making the right tenant selection.

Complete Flexibility

TrueRent Tenant Screening offers a wide range of options based on a landlords specific needs.

As a landlord/manager you will decide if you or the applicant pays for each screening report. You will also decide which reports are needed including a Tenant Application, TransUnion Credit Report, Nationwide TransUnion Criminal Report (includes sex offender and Most Wanted list) and/or a Nationwide Eviction Report.

Keeping Your Property Safe

TrueRent Tenant Screening is your solution to finding the right tenant.

Our integrated software will take your tenants through a proper vetting process, where you will receive the necessary information to make an informed decision. We’ve streamlined the process to make the screening as efficient as possible for both yourself and the tenants. You can screen a tenant in a matter of minutes, and receive their reports instantly.

Don’t waste time, make the safe choice for your property.

Tenant Screening Pricing

Bundle Price: $29.95 (paid by applicant or landlord)

Tenant Application
TransUnion Credit Report
Nationwide TransUnion Criminal Report
Nationwide TransUnion Eviction Report

Price is $34.95 without a TrueRent account (paid by applicant or landlord)

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