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Tenant Screening – Why It’s So Important

Choosing the right tenant is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make for your property. Dealing with a trustworthy, reliable tenant makes your job as a landlord or property manager that much easier. Tenant screening is a critical first step to assuring that you find quality tenants to fill your units. This small up-front investment will help you avoid hassles and problems down the road.

Tenant Screening is more than just a formality. It will allow you to find tenants who make rent payments in a timely fashion. It will allow you find tenants who will maintain the condition of your property. And, most importantly, it will allow you to find tenants who will be good neighbors. Any and all potential red flags, such as eviction or criminal troubles, will be revealed.

Screening potential tenants also protects your legal liability. It gives you tangible data with which you can make informed decisions when choosing between applicants to offer a lease to. If you turn down an applicant based on their poor credit, eviction, or criminal history, you will be protected from legal action if they assert that you rejected their application unfairly. You'll also protect other tenants living on the property by ensuring that their new neighbor has been through a proper vetting process.

You can never be 100% sure that a tenant is risk-free, but proper screening helps reduce your risks substantially.

TrueRent Offers Elite Tenant Screening

With each Tenant Screening, you will receive:

  • Credit History Check (with Score)
  • Nationwide Eviction Notice Check
  • Nationwide Criminal History Check

While most tenant screening programs only offer statewide eviction and criminal history checks, TrueRent offers nationwide checks, assuring that you have a complete picture for applicants who have lived in more than one state.

TrueRent offers an easy-to-navigate Screening Portal, allowing you to keep your records on potential tenants organized and in one place. It only takes about 5 minutes to set up tenant screening and reports are available instantly.

Despite offering an elite tenant screening service, TrueRent offers each Tenant Screening for just $25*, which is $20 to $50 less than what many other companies offer.

*Each Tenant Screening costs just $25 for TrueRent Plus and Pro members.
Without a Plus or Pro membership, it costs $30 (which is still remarkably cheap).

Helpful Tips for Screening Applicants

Evictions: Screening will reveal if an applicant has been evicted from either of their last two rentals, has failed to pay rent on time, or has been forced to pay for damage to the unit. Be sure to check for evictions nationwide rather than just in-state.

Credit Reports: With a credit report, you will be able to determine if the applicant has a history of paying bills on time. Those who pay bills on time are more likely to pay their rent in a timely manner as well.

Background Check: Screening will reveal other legal names the applicant has used, where they have lived, if their home has ever been foreclosed, and their employment history. With this information, you will be able to confirm that their tenant application is accurate.

Criminal History: Most criminal history checks are only in-state. Make sure that you check nationwide to assure that the applicant hasn’t committed crimes in other states.

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Tenant Screening

by TrueRent

  • Tenants pay with credit card online
  • Simple application process
  • No long-term membership required
  • Reports available instantly


Only $25

($30 without TrueRent Membership)

Note: The tenant or tenant-applicant is responsible for paying for the Tenant Screening report.

  • Credit Check
  • Nationwide Criminal Records
  • Nationwide Eviction Records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Medical Collections
  • Employment Summary
  • Known Aliases
  • Past Address History

Applicant can pay with any
major credit card

Tenant Screening is only available in the United States.


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