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Simple Software with Simple Pricing

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Your subscription will include all Features

- Unlimted Online ACH Rent Collection
- Discounted Tenant Screening
- Performance Analytics
- Plus much more

Note: Pricing for new account activation only.

Pricing Details for Optional Services

QuickPay Online Rent Collection: One-time Setup Fee of $35

QuickPay online rent collection is easy to set up and simple to use, and your tenants will love it! The application fee is $35 and is paid only once for each business checking account connected to TrueRent. Please note that only U.S.-based business checking accounts will be accepted.

Accept Unlimited Credit/Debit Card Payments for only $8/month

We offer the option for you to accept credit cards. There is a simple $8/month fee which is a security fee imposed by our processor.

Up to a 2.5% convenience fee is paid by the card owner (tenant).

Next Day Funding: $25/month

Tenant and landlord distributions fund the next business day, so long as payments are made before 4:30 PM PST. Next Day Funding is only available for existing TrueRent accounts that are in good standing with at least 180 days of payment history. Excessive insufficient funds returns by tenants may disqualify an account, and not all accounts will qualify.

Background Screening Reports: $25/each

Tenants can complete an application online and are responsible for paying the $25 background check set up fee. You will be notified instantly when the application and reports are ready to review. The background check includes an Experian credit check, and National Criminal and Eviction History Check.

Additional Manager Accounts: $10/month

Primary users (managers/landlords) can grant individual login access to assistant managers in order to help manage selected properties.

Roommate Tenant Portal Access : $1/month

Each unit includes one login ID to the tenant portal, allowing tenants to make online rent payments. Additional tenant portals can be added to each unit, allowing roommates to have individual tenant portal access to pay their portion of the rent online.