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Features and Pricing Details

Online Rent Payments - QuickPay

(See additonal pricing details below)
Important: A business checking or savings account is required if using QuickPay
  • Incoming Rent Collection (ACH) Included

    One time or recurring rent payments can be initiated by either the Landlord or Tenant. There is no charge to neither the Landlord nor Tenant for ACH payments.

  • Incoming Rent Collection (Credit/Debit Cards) 2.5% Convenience Fee (paid by tenant)

    Accepting Credit/Debit Cards is optional. If the landlord decides to accept credit/debit cards, there is a convenience fee of 2.5% paid by the tenant. In addition to the convenience fee paid by the tenant, there is also a monthly security fee paid by the landlord totaling $8/month.

  • Outgoing Owner Payments (ACH) Included

    Property Managers are free to transfer one ACH payment per month to each property owners. There is no charge for outgoing transfers.

  • Next Day Funding (optional) $25/month

    Next day funding is available after an account has been opened for at least 120 days and is in good standing.

  • Additional QuickPay Account $10/month

    QuickPay accounts are free with your account. If you have multiple QuickPay accounts, there is a $10 fee.

Tenant Screening

  • TrueRent Member Screening Package $29.95 paid by applicant or landlord
  • Non-TrueRent Member Screening Package $34.95 paid by applicant or landlord
    • TransUnion SmartMove Credit Report Included
    • Nationwide TransUnion Criminal Report Included
    • Nationwide Eviction Report Included
  • Setup Fee Waived
  • Onsite Inspection Not Required

General Features

  • Secure Platform (SSL 256-bit encryption)

    Data is stored on TrueRent's secure servers and are monitored 24/7/365 against hacks, botnets, phishing scams and other online threats.

  • Document Storage (Unlimited)

    Unlimited document storage for leases, receipts, images and other important documents.

  • Maintenance & Work Order Tracking

    Work orders can easily be created by the manager or tenant. Once a work order is created, the manager can assign the work order to a repair person/company at which point the repair person/company and tenant can coordinate their schedules. Additionally, all parties can communicate through the work order platform which can reduce coordination effort and frustration.

  • Recurring Billing

    Setup rent to bill each period as specific time. For example, easily configure your tenant settings to automatically bill a tenant on the first of each month. Or setup rent to bill every two weeks. Recurring billing has a lot of flexibility that meets most billing requirements.

  • Prorated Rent Calculation

    When adding a new tenant, TrueRent will calculate prorated rent based on the billing start date, recurring date and amount.

  • Alerts (Customizable)

    Set various alert types including rent due, delinquent rent, rent amount changes, lease expiration and more.

  • Tenant Portal

    With one click the tenant portal can be turned on/off. If QuickPay is enabled, the tenant can pay rent online, view past transactions, communicate through the messaging system and create and track work orders.

  • Owner Portal

    With one click the owner portal can be turned on/off. If turned on, the property owner can view the information entered by the manager like transactions, reports, work orders and more.

  • General Ledger Tracking

    Several states in the United States require a general ledger for tracking owner funds. TrueRent's general ledger can help satisfy this requirement. If a general ledger is not required, it's still very helpful for staying organized.

  • TrueRent Messenger

    TrueRent Manager allows the Manager and Tenants to communicate with a simple easy to use messaging system. TrueRent Messenger will save time by cutting down on long winded phone calls or playing phone tag. Plus you will have a detailed record of communication saved within messenger.

  • Add your logo to statements

    Give your property management business a professional touch by creating customized reports with your property management logo attached.

  • Address Book

    The address book is great for quickly and easily accessing contact information for both tenants and owners.

  • Snapshot Report

    Quickly see who has not paid for the month by viewing the last 12 months of activity of all tenants on a single page. Snapshot also shows loan, and expense income activity on one page for each unit.

  • Note Tracker

    TrueRent offers a simple note taking option for each property, tenant, vendor, transactions and more. Keeping notes can help remind you of things you said and/or did in the past which can prove to be very valuable if any problem arises in the future.

Important: If a refund is requested, management approval is required. is able to refund payments within 120 days of the payment date.

Pricing Details for Optional Services

QuickPay Online Rent Collection:

QuickPay online rent collection is easy to set up and simple to use, and your tenants will love it! The application fee is $35 and is paid only once for each business checking account connected to TrueRent. Please note that only U.S.-based business checking accounts will be accepted.

Additional fees paid by the landlord
Rejected/Insufficient Funds Fee: $25 per incident. Chargeback Fee: $25 per chargeback (A chargeback fee is charged by the consumers bank when a debit is disputed by the consumer. The fee is passed directly to the landlord/merchant.)

Bank account changes will be assessed $45 per change. Example: Although very rare, when a landlord changes their bank account number where funds are deposited.

Accept Credit/Debit Card Payments

We offer the option for you to accept credit cards. There is a simple a 2.95% convenience fee is paid by the tenant.

Next Day Funding: $25/month

Tenant and landlord distributions fund the next business day, so long as payments are made before 4:30 PM PST. Next Day Funding is only available for existing TrueRent accounts that are in good standing with at least 180 days of payment history. Excessive insufficient funds returns by tenants may disqualify an account, and not all accounts will qualify.

TransUnion SmartMove Tenant Screening

TrueRent Tenant Screening offers a wide range of options based on a landlords specific needs. The screening bundle includes a Tenant Application, TransUnion Credit Report, Nationwide TransUnion Criminal Report (includes sex offender and Most Wanted list) and/or a Nationwide Eviction Report. The screening cost $29.95, paid by applicant or landlord. Without a TrueRent account, the bundle cost $34.95 paid by applicant or landlord.

Additional Manager Accounts: $10/month

Primary users (managers/landlords) can grant individual login access to assistant managers in order to help manage selected properties.

Roommate Tenant Portal Access : $1/month

Each unit includes one login ID to the tenant portal, allowing tenants to make online rent payments. Additional tenant portals can be added to each unit, allowing roommates to have individual tenant portal access to pay their portion of the rent online.