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3 Important Reasons Why Your Tenants Should Pay Rent Online

May 11, 2018  |  Author : Haley Anastassiou  | 

With so many different ways to pay, collecting rent online is easier for not only the landlord but tenants themselves! Check out the top three reasons to have your tenants start paying rent online.

  1. Scheduling Recurring Payments

    With the hustle and bustle of every day life, payments sneak up on you. With TrueRent’s recurring payments feature, we will do the thinking for you. Checks, envelopes, and stamps can seem out of date to the younger renters, but even older tenants are shifting towards online billing. According to a Money magazine report, millennials pay 61% of their bills online, and older generations pay 42% of their bills online.

    Eliminate the stress for you and your tenants but utilizing TrueRent’s online recurring payment feature.

  2. Decreasing Late Rent Payments With Reminders

    Collecting late rent payments can cost not only money, but your time. With TrueRent’s ability to enable reminder notifications your tenant will never skip a beat when it comes to paying rent on-time.

  3. Housing All Payments Under One Roof

    As a property owner, you likely have multiple tenants, whether they all live in one building, or are spread amongst many properties. Tracking whose paid deposits, monthly rent, etc. can be complicated! By having all of your tenants pay via one platform, TrueRent does the work for you. Check out how all of the TrueRent features here:

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