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Blog for September, 2019

TransUnion x TrueRent

September 23, 2019  | 

Managing and renting properties can be a very lucrative business, but your business depends on reliable tenants that will pay on time. Every landlord has experienced a difficult tenant, one that doesn’t pay rent on time, has a list of excuses, or is simply frustrating to deal with. So how do you avoid this? How do you make sure you are picking the right tenant that will pay rent on time?

Make sure you are taking the time to screen your tenants. This small step is crucial in selecting the right tenants, and feeling secure in your new resident. We are excited to announce that TrueRent has partnered with TransUnion and developed a new and improved Tenant Screening Service!

TrueRent’s integrated screening solution creates a simple and easy to read applicant report, including tenant application, TransUnion credit report and nationwide criminal and eviction report. This information provides you with the tangible data that you’ll need in order to make a well-informed decision.

Our integrated software will take your tenants through a proper vetting process, where you will receive the necessary information to make an informed decision. We’ve streamlined the process to make the screening as efficient as possible for not only yourself but your tenant. You can screen a tenant in a matter of minutes, and receive their reports instantly. 

Our new streamlined Tenant Screening service allows you to select if you want to cover the screening cost or have the cost paid by your applicant. As a TrueRent member, the Tenant Screening Bundle will cost you $24.95 for a TransUnion Credit Report with Resident Score and Nationwide Criminal Search. For $5.00 more, you can additionally receive a Nationwide Eviction Search.

If you are interested in using the Tenant Screening services without a TrueRent Membership, the bundle cost $39.95 per screening, paid by the applicant.

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