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QuickPay – Collect Rent Online

No More Paper Checks

Tired of constantly tracking down tenant payments and making multiple trips to the bank each month? With TrueRent Online Rent Collection, rent will be deposited directly into your checking account each month, and on time. Your tenants will appreciate no longer having to write a rent check, and so will you.

Use TrueRent’s Automated Collection Process

TrueRent Online Rent Collection offers a fully automated process, from billing tenants to depositing funds and recording each payment in the tenant ledger. Tenants can also use the online system to make payments directly to vendors, and set up monthly reminders to keep track of payments. And remember, it’s free to both you and your tenant.

TrueRent will also automatically generate late fees when rent becomes delinquent, giving the tenant the new total due amount including both the rent and the late fee.

Start using Free Online Rent Collection today, and make paper checks a thing of the past!

Why TrueRent?

We Keep It Simple. With TrueRent Online Rent Collection, incoming and outgoing payments are included with your account. No strings attached! And best of all, our software is streamlined and easy to learn, allowing you to be up and running within just a few minutes!

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