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Tenant Screening

August 28, 2017  |  Author : Haley Anastassiou  | 

Tenant Screening

How can I dispute information regarding my credit report or other background screening information?

If you have a question or would like to dispute your report, please contact TrueRent via phone or email.

Phone: 1-800-280-1489

How can I update my tenant screening contact information?

If you would like to update your contact information, please contact TrueRent via phone or email.

Phone: 1-800-280-1489

When can I start performing background checks?

Tenant screening is available immediately after registration and account authentication.

Why is my social security number required to screen applicants?

Your social security is required so we can verify your identity and authenticate your account. Your social security number is passed directly to Experian for authentication. They will not run or check your credit for this process.

How is my account authenticated?

Experian will generate 4-5 questions from your credit file that only you will know the answer to. It’s very important to take your time when answering the questions since you will only have 3 attempts in a 72 hour period.

What happens if I don’t answer the authentication questions correctly after 3 attempts and I’m locked out?

Unfortunately, Experian requires the account to be locked for 72 hours. Any additional attempts to authenticate within 72 hours will reset the 72 hour lock out.

How long do reports take to return once the applicants complete their screening payment, application and authentication?

Reports are ready instantly.

My applicant has completed the screening process but I don’t see their reports. What do I do?

The applicant has the option not to share their report. However, if they choose to share and you don’t see the report, it’s most likely they forgot to click “Share”.

Can I run my applicant’s credit on their behalf?

You can assist the applicant if they choose. However, they will need to make the screening payment and answer their authentication questions since they are the only one who will know the correct answers.

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