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Affordable and Simple Property
Management Software

Screen Tenants. Collect Rent. Manage Rentals.
Starting at $19/month, including free online rent collection.

Saves Time

Online rent collection means no more trips to the bank. Plus, you can organize all aspects of your property management business, saving you time and frustration.

Increases Profit

Between our tenant screening service and rental posting tools, fill vacancies quickly with qualified tenants and increase your bottom line. As a bonus, you’ll keep your expenses organized, preventing missed tax deductions.

Easy Setup & Use

Our services are intuitive, so much so that you probably won’t need the help of our responsive support team, but we’re available anytime if you do! The help section also has tons of easy-to-follow diagrams and training videos to get you familiar with our program.

Simplify Your Life with TrueRent

Online Rent Collection

With TrueRent QuickPay your tenants rent will go directly from their bank account to yours! Through ACH funding tenants can pay entirely online through ACH transactions or credit/debit cards.

Tenant Screening

Choosing the right tenant is one the most important decisions you can make. Tenant screening is a critical first step in ensuring that you find trustworthy, reliable, and quality tenants.

Tenant Portal

Through the tenant portal, tenants can pay rent, message the property manager, view their transaction history, and more.

Work Orders

Once a work order is created, it can be assigned to the repair person. Managers, tenants or the repair person can update the work order status.

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing by TrueRent has a ton of flexibility and works great with month-to-month tenants and long-term multiyear leases.

Easy Reporting

Select the report type and enter the date range and properties to include. Instantly generate reports and either print, save, or email.






Recorded Rent

What Landlords & Tenants are Saying

"I appreciate the ability to track my property values. The fact that the site combines my financial investment performance and my rental accounting is a huge plus for me. I haven't seen another site like it. Thanks again for making a great program."

- Rusty R., Madison, WI

"Paying my rent online is so easy with your program. Thanks for helping me get set up."

- Trish P., San Francisco, CA

"By the way, love the site and how easy it is to keep track of multiple units!"

- Huy T., Houston, TX

"Accounting is super easy with TrueRent. Can’t believe I waited so long to switch from spreadsheets to this system."

- David B., Sarasota, FL

"My tenants love paying online. It’s a huge time saver for them and me. Thanks!"

- Dan F., Minneapolis, MN

The Tools You Need, All in One Account

Whether you're a landlord who owns a personal rental property, or a professional
property manager with multiple rental units, or both, TrueRent has you covered.

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