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Work Orders

August 22, 2017  |  Author : Haley Anastassiou  | 

How to Simply Create and Track Work Orders

Either the manager or landlord creates a work order with specific details, images and other supporting details.

Once a work order is created, it can be assigned to the repair person. Managers, tenants or the repair person can update the work order status.

All work order activity is tracked from start to finish to ensure repairs move smoothly through the process.

Save time and reduce tenant interaction with work orders.

TrueRent has designed a simple interface which allows anyone related to the work the option to track and update work order status, reducing coordination efforts by all involved.

TrueRent will automatically generate a unique link that can be shared with any repair person (vendor). (Tenant and/or Vendor access can be revoked anytime at the discretion of the manager.)

Once a ticket is created and assigned, the repair person (vendor) and tenant can work together to complete the repair.

As the manager, you will control and monitor the entire process with just a few clicks, removing the hassle of coordinating repairs.

Note: A paid TrueRent account is required to use this service.

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