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Tenant Portal

August 22, 2017  |  Author : Haley Anastassiou  | 

How Tenant Portal Works

Add your tenants including their email address.

Invite them to their private tenant portal with one click.

TrueRent will automatically email your tenant an activation link. The tenant creates a new password and they’re ready to go.

The tenant portal is key to being an efficient property manager.

The Tenant Portal brings together the property manager and tenants with a simple and feature-rich interface.

Communicating with tenants can be uncomfortable for both the manager and tenants. The tenant portal opens up the ability to communicate and transfer information in a stress free environment.

Setting up the tenant portal is easy and takes just a few clicks.


The Tenant Portal includes the following features:

  • Tenants can see when rent is owed, including the amount
  • Rent can be paid through the “Make Payment” button
  • Transaction History is available
  • Message Board capability

and more!

Note: QuickPay is required for online payments. QuickPay is easy to set up and includes free ACH payments.


Each unit includes one tenant portal.

An additional tenant portal can be added at the equivalent cost of adding one unit to your subscription.

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