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Recurring Billing

August 22, 2017  |  Author : Haley Anastassiou  | 

How Recurring Billing Works

Add your tenants and
payment terms.

Turn on customizable alerts.

TrueRent will bill tenants and assess late fees accordingly.

TrueRent clearly shows who has paid and who has not paid.

Clearly identifying who has paid and who has not will save you time each month when collecting rent. Plus, when you use QuickPay, collecting rent each month will require very little effort.

TrueRent will also automatically generate late fees when rent becomes delinquent, giving a tenant the new total due amount including both the rent and the late fee. This helps prevent any awkward conversations with tenants regarding late fees.

Recurring Billing by TrueRent has a ton of flexibility and works great with month-to-month tenants and long-term multiyear leases.


Recurring Billing is included with all paid accounts.

QuickPay online rent collection is required for online rent collection.

**Disclosure: Blog post are the opinion of the author and represent no guarantees nor do they necessarily represent the opinion of TrueRent and/or its affiliates.