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Learn About a Few of TrueRent's Features

Simplify your life with TrueRent property management software

Online Rent Collection

Imagine never having to struggle with tracking down rent payments each month. No more running back and forth to the bank, or chasing down tenants for rent. Sounds pretty nice? Well QuickPay is the answer to your problems.

With TrueRent QuickPay your tenants rent will go directly from their bank account to yours! Through ACH funding tenants can pay entirely online through ACH transactions or credit/debit cards.

Learn more about QuickPay

Tenant Screening

Choosing the right tenant is one the most important decisions you can make for your property. Tenant screening is a critical first step in ensuring that you find trustworthy, reliable, and quality tenants to fill your units.

This small up-front investment is more than a formality; it will avoid hassles down the road and most importantly keep your property and tenants safe.

Learn more about Tenant Screening

Easy Reporting

Want an easier way to keep accurate accounting and transaction reports for your properties? On TrueRent, the At-a-Glance reporting system gives you a real-time dashboard of transactions, along with a breakdown of debt reduction, cash flow and other vital metrics.

TrueRent also provides customizable income and expense reporting. You can simply select and sort by property and date range to generate a quick summary or a detailed report that includes a list of all transactions.

Safe and Secure

Feel confident knowing that your data and transactions are protected by the safe and secure TrueRent system.

TrueRent utilizes advanced server technology to ensure your data is transferred and stored securely. Transfers are completed using SSL with strong 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root. Data is stored on TrueRent’s secure servers and are monitored 24/7/365 against hacks, botnets, phishing scams and other online threats.

Tenant and Owner Portal

TrueRent’s Tenant and Owner Portal make property management easy and efficient! Tenants and managers can communicate with ease and share information in a neutral, stress-free environment.

Through the tenant portal, tenants can pay rent, message the property manager, view their transaction history, and more!

Investment Analytics

TrueRent analytics and dashboards provide realtime valuation of every property in your portfolio. You can track incoming payments, and net operating income expenses. Splice and dice vital statistics, which will include both individual properties and an entire portfolio.

With TrueRent you will get a clear picture of your investment value and maintain the ability to make adjustments to achieve peak performance in the future.