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Common Questions


Who designed and created TrueRent?

We get this question a lot. The answer is very simple. We are a group of dedicated property managers who have combined the benefits of owning rental property and the power of technology to maximize profits and streamline management. We designed TrueRent from the ground up to be the easiest and most powerful rental management software available.

Is my information shared?

Absolutely NOT! We value your privacy and ensure your data is secure and not shared.

Does TrueRent work outside of the US?

Absolutely, TrueRent can be used anywhere in the world. Global users can set the currency of their choice in the “Settings” section. Please note that at this time, rent collection only works in the United States and Canada. Tenant screening only works in the United States.

Who should use TrueRent?

TrueRent is designed for Landlords, Professional Property Managers, Tenants, Applicants and Owners. We have several happy managers of homes, condos, apartments, mobile homes parks, marinas, storage facilities on board, and the software can be used anywhere that rent is collected.

Where is TrueRent Headquartered?

Our office is located in beautiful Redwood City, California (near the headquarters for Facebook, Apple, Google, etc.).

Will my information be safe?

Yes. TrueRent takes great pride in preserving your privacy. Information is transferred via SSL (Secured Socket Layers) providing the highest-level 256-bit encryption. All information will be stored via our secure servers and backed up daily.

What if I want TrueRent to delete my information?

Go to the “Quick Links” section and click on “Account/Settings”. There you can choose “Delete Account”. Please note: once you choose the delete option, we will permanently delete your account and your information cannot be restored.

What if I need help with my account?

Simply email us at with any questions. We have a great support team and will resolve your issue promptly!

General Questions

Can additional manager be added to my account?

Yes, up to five managers can be added to an account for an additional fee.

Does TrueRent work with roommates?

Yes, our software can handle and allow the landlord/manager to track each roommate to determine who has paid and who has not paid. Each roommate will have individual access to their own tenant portal. TrueRent subscription cost is based on the number of units in the system. Each additional roommate will count as an additional unit for billing purposes. Please see the Pricing section for more details.

Online Rent Collection

How long do funds take to transfer?

Standard funding takes 4 business days. Next day funding is available for established account holders.

How long does it take to setup my QuickPay account?

We require 5-10 business days, but we can usually setup your account in less than 5 days depending on our team’s workload.

Can I use a personal checking account for collecting rent?

No, QuickPay will only work with a US/Canadian based Business Checking account.

What will I need to provide to setup my account?

Generally, we will only need a signed QuickPay application, a voided check and two recent bank statements. Additional documentation will be needed for accounts that process more than $100,000 in rent per month.

Can I still use QuickPay if I only have a personal checking account and not a business checking account?

Unfortunately, to use QuickPay you will need a business checking or savings account. See the next question for a possible solution if you currently only have a personal checking or savings account.

I can’t setup a business checking account because I’m a sole proprietor and not a LLC or Corporation. What’s the solution?

Some cities or counties will allow a sole proprietor to establish a DBA or fictitious business name. Check with your local bank manager to see what they recommend for setting up a business checking account.

Can a landlord/manager send funds out?

Yes, as long as you have the recipient’s bank routing and checking account number you can send funds from your QuickPay account. This is great for deposit refunds and all paying owners.

What if the tenant has insufficient funds?

We charge $25 for funds processed which come back due to insufficient funds. Please note that multiple insufficient funds transactions could result in account termination.

How long does funding take for ACH/EFT transfers?

Funds transfers are completed on the 4th business day. Meaning, if funds transfers are initiated on Monday, the deposit will occur on Friday. If funds are transferred on Tuesday, the deposit will occur the following Monday. Please note that holidays and weekends are excluded as processing days. Funds sent after 4:30pm (PST) are processed the next business day.

Does TrueRent offer a faster funding service?

Yes! Accounts that have been established for 180 days or more in good standing will be eligible for next day funding. See the Pricing page for additional information on this service.

How long does funding take for Credit Card transfers?

Credit cards payment funds the next business day.

Can I accept ACH only or Credit/Debit cards only?

Yes, you can accept only ACH or cards, or both.

Does QuickPay work in Canada?

Yes, TrueRent works for both US and Canadian bank accounts. We do not support other international banks at this time.

Tenant Screening

How can I dispute information regarding my credit report or other background screening information?

If you have a question or would like to dispute your report, please contact TrueRent via phone or email.

Phone: 1-800-280-1489

How can I update my tenant screening contact information?

If you would like to update your contact information, please contact TrueRent via phone or email.

Phone: 1-800-280-1489

When can I start performing background checks?

Tenant screening is available immediately after registration and account authentication.

Why is my social security number required to screen applicants?

Your social security is required so we can verify your identity and authenticate your account. Your social security number is passed directly to Experian for authentication. They will not run or check your credit for this process.

How is my account authenticated?

Experian will generate 4-5 questions from your credit file that only you will know the answer to. It’s very important to take your time when answering the questions since you will only have 3 attempts in a 72 hour period.

What happens if I don’t answer the authentication questions correctly after 3 attempts and I’m locked out?

Unfortunately, Experian requires the account to be locked for 72 hours. Any additional attempts to authenticate within 72 hours will reset the 72 hour lock out.

How long do reports take to return once the applicants complete their screening payment, application and authentication?

Reports are ready instantly.

My applicant has completed the screening process but I don’t see their reports. What do I do?

The applicant has the option not to share their report. However, if they choose to share and you don’t see the report, it’s most likely they forgot to click “Share”.

Can I run my applicant’s credit on their behalf?

You can assist the applicant if they choose. However, they will need to make the screening payment and answer their authentication questions since they are the only one who will know the correct answers.

Rental Listing

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