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Blog for July, 2019

TrueRent, Not Just For Residential and Commercial Rentals

July 3, 2019  | 

As the summer heats up, rental prices tend to do the same. While you could be leasing a commercial space, a residential property, or a vacation home, TrueRent is here to help with any of your property management needs. As pricing increases during the summer months, now is the time to get that vacant home, apartment, or vacation rental on the market.

Many people rent their homes during prime vacation seasons. As a matter of act, according to VRMA, vacation rental income comprises about 24% of the average owner’s income. A vacation rental can be a great business, and if you begin to rent out your home or apartment multiple times a year you will need somewhere to track deposits, collect payments, store leases, and more.

Let TrueRent help you track your vacation rental this summer. Add your renter as a tenant on the software, and enjoy the ease of direct payments into your account. With TrueRent you have Free Online Rent Collection, allowing the money to go straight from your renter’s account to yours. You can additionally charge deposit amounts and create Work Orders. As a property owner, you know it is greatly important to keep track of the state of your property, so with the ease of work orders, renters can let you know if there are any issues with the home, with attachment capability. Additionally, you want your renter to value the home like it’s their own, so Tenant Screening is also a great way to ensure you are leaving your home with a secure occupant. Beyond renter to landlord interaction, TrueRent is here to help track your property investment with a wide variety of analytical reporting.

Check out the list of great features, and see how TrueRent can simplify your property management:

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