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Blog for October, 2018

Flip or Fix? See Why Flipping Your Property Isn’t Always the Answer

October 20, 2018  | 

Whether you’ve been binge watching HGTV, or itching for some creativity, its in your best interest to skip the house flip, and add small improvements to your property. This investment will cost you less time and money, bettering your long-term financial gain.

With rents on the rise, real estate investors are inclined to invest more and more into rental properties. But the question is, take on an entire flip, or give your property some small improvements. Giving your property a face life is becoming the appealing option for real estate investors, as this investment saves your self time and money.

Take the time to learn how to be your own repair man or woman! There are basic repairs and upgrades that most people are comfortable performing. If the living room needs a fresh coat of paint or the carpets need to be shampooed, try to handle household items yourself to cut back on costs. These DIY low-cost fixes go a long way in improving a home.

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