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Blog for February, 2018

Tech Upgrades That Will Make Your Rental Property Stand Out

February 7, 2018  | 

As a property manager, you want to maintain great tenants. The more turnover have, the harder it is on your building. There are small improvements that you can make to keep your tenants stick around, and desire to stay in such a cared for and upgraded unit.

We’ve provided a list of 3 small improvements that will make a big difference for your unit:

  1. Smart Thermostat

    Smart thermostats can be managed remotely through a smartphone app. These thermostats are programmed to collect and monitor energy use data, saving your renters both time and money.

  2. Smart Locks

    Secure your properties with a smart lock. There are a range of models, the cheapest granting entry via numerical keypads and the most expensive scanning fingerprints. These types of locks are much harder to pick compared to a deadbolt lock, which adds an extra layer of protection against break-ins. Make your tenants feel a greater sense of security while adding a cool ‘tech’ element to your property.

  3. Motion-Sensing Lights

    While automatic lights might not seem like the most elaborate upgrade, it does add another level of security to your unit. Simply add this lighting to ease the mind of your tenants walking in during late-nights or early-mornings. This will also deter potential intruders with unexpected bright lights catching them off-guard.

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