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Blog for May, 2016

Invest Time and Energy Into Your Property and Tenants

May 28, 2016  | 

When your tenants are happy and treating your property well, you feel a sense of ease. By investing time and energy into your properties and your tenants, you can maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship. While some tenants may disagree here or there with your “rules”, everyone appreciates when expectations are clear.

During your screening process, be clear about the rules at your property, for example: noise levels, quiet hours, rental payments, etc. By setting rules right off the bat, you can prevent issues in the future and address them more easily when or even if they occur.

Maintaining positive relationships involves consistent communication with your tenants. This is easy when you have an online portal such as This allows the tenants and the landlord to easily see all documentation of payment history as well as repairs for the property.

If you have amazing tenants and do not want them to leave, sometimes providing incentives and discounts can be a good idea! When tenants feel appreciated, and have a good relationship with the landlord they will be more inclined to stay. A small gift, or a thank you card can go a long way. By making your tenants feel appreciated, you can be more assured that your property is in good hands.

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